This page is no longer maintained. I am now a post-doc at LRI. Or follow the links from my personal web page.

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james r. eagan
phd candidate and instructor
georgia institute of technology

2-3 rue marconi
57070 metz


office: 214 gt-lorraine
ii lab

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Increasingly abundant access to data and cheaper display technology costs are creating an exciting opportunity to create new tools that can help people to better manage their information needs. These tools can present information calmly through peripheral and ambient interfaces, offering the potential to help people better manage their attention and to avoid information overload. Or they can provide novel representations of and interactions with their data, helping to gain insight into complex information streams.

My research focuses on this information problem from two perspectives: helping end users to extensively customize their information awareness applications to better tailor the content and presentation to their own individual needs; and using information visualization techniques to help illuminate data.



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