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Tin Drum

The Tin Drum is an "asian café." By this, they mean that they don't focus on food from one country in particular. Rather, you'll find a few of the common dishes from various countries in Asia – Pad Thai and Panang Curry from Thailand, Pho from Viet Nam, Lo Mein from China, Katsu Curry from Japan, and so on.

Normally, this is the sort of restaurant that would not appeal to me – I like Thai and Viet Namese and Chinese and Japanese food a lot, but I typically prefer to go to a restaurant that specializes in one type of food. That said, the Tin Drum does a very good job of each of the dishes they serve. Their Panang Curry is one of the best that I've had at any restaurant in Atlanta (I've tried a lot). Their Grilled Beef Namwich is another great menu item that's easily overlooked.

Lastly, they've found their perfect price point. Most items on their menu are $6 – a price that is dead-on for the quality and quantity of the food you get.

The biggest problem they face is that their service tends to run on the slow side; make sure you have at least an hour if you try to eat there during the lunch rush.

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