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St Charles Deli

St Charles Deli is a chain of upscale deli-style restaurants. I can't speak of any of the other restaurants, but their Tech Square Restaurant leaves a lot to be desired. Their prices are higher than most of the other restaurants in the area – a sandwich typically costs about $7-$8. They do offer a reasonably priced "starving student" special, but the portions are miniscule – you'd need to eat two of them to feel satisfied. But the small portions aren't limited to just the student special – you get a sandwich and a side item for your money, but the side item is served in a small dish that holds just enough of the side item to get you started on eating it.

I'm not a big person (about 5'8" and 130 lbs), and every time I've gone to St Charles Deli, I've left hungry and unsatisfied by the food.

The quality of the food is nothing particularly remarkable, either. The pastrami and corned beef sandwiches are drowned in so much mustard that you don't taste any of the flavor of the meat (which, if you've ever had a pastrami or corned beef sandwich, you know is not exactly a subtle flavor).

I was very excited to discover that they serve quiche, but when I tried it, I was disappointed to be served a quarter-slice of quiche that tasted of freezer burn.

If St Charles Deli were to sell better food or to lower their prices by a dollar or two (or increase the portion sizes), then they would find an appropriate price point, but as it is, they are well off the value-to-price curve.

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