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Moe's Southwest Grill

I should start off this review by reminding you (in case you couldn't tell from any of my other reviews!) that I am a food snob. You wouldn't tell it from looking at me, but I really like to eat. It's not that I like to eat a lot, but that I really enjoy the food that I eat. Eating is something that I definitely look forward to doing in a day.

Because I like to eat for the flavor of the food, and because I'm a grad student (read: cheap bastard), I like to go to places where I get good food for a reasonable price. Places like Tortilla's (RIP). Having been to a good burrito place (like Tortilla's), I know that Moe doesn't know burritos.

Moe's burritos look like they should be very good – they have all the right ingredients: lots of yummy veggies, homemade salsa and guacamole, beautiful beef or chicken, and so on. But when they put all those ingredients together and I sit down to eat my burrito, I'm left with an empty feeling in my mouth. Sure, there's the guacamole and the salsa and the steak and cheese, but the flavors never seem to come together; they never meld and form a new flavor that adds up to more than the individual flavors that comprise the burrito. There's so much potential, so much build-up, but in the end it's a let-down.

But Moe's will stick around – they're the mediocre chain that will draw in all the customers because they know Moe's burritos. People know what they'll get at a Moe's, and even if it's not the best burrito, there's something to be said about the familiarity and the comfort.

And all-in-all, Moe's hits the right price point – they serve fast, cheap food and you won't walk away hungry. Plus, they're in a very convenient location. But if you want a good burrito nearby, walk the extra 5 minutes to the Bell South cafeteria and get a burrito from Willy's.

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