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Plugin Translators

Many thanks to the folks who have volunteered their time and skill to translate the plugin into their respective languages.

Uploaded Image: Germany.gifSebastian Kraatzsebastiankraatz gmail com
Uploaded Image: France.gifJulian Tessierjulien adeixis com
Uploaded Image: Chile.gifJose Zagaljp cc gatech edu
Uploaded Image: Italy.gifGeppo1982geppo1982 gmail com
Uploaded Image: Sweden.gifMagnus Gunnarsson magnus.gunnarsson gmail com
Uploaded Image: Denmark.gifMartin Brynskov
Uploaded Image: Finland.gifTeemu Palokangasteemu.palokangas gmail com
Uploaded Image: Norway.gifGeir-Tore Lindsve
Uploaded Image: Belgium.gifHans Leyten

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