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ACM Portal via GTEL

The GT Library has a subscription to the ACM Portal that is available to all members of the Gerogia Tech community. Because of this, I've chosen to spend my annual dues on the membership plan that includes the print CACM rather than the ACM Portal. The only drawback is that you have to first login through the Georgia Tech Electronic Library and access the ACM Portal through the GTEL proxy. To make that as painless as possible, I use two bookmarks. The first just takes me directly to the login page. The second rewrites a normal ACM Portal URL (of the sort that my colleagues often send me or that turns up in Google queries) into a GTEL ACM Portal URL.

To use these, just bookmark the links or drag them to your bookmark bar.
Updated 28 May 2007 for new GTEL hostname

And for IEEE Xplore:

And to look up a document by DOI:

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