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my qualifier exam responses

I took the quals in Spring 2002.

The overall result was a pass. Personally, I was not very happy with my answers, but the feedback that I received was very positive. I was told by several faculty that I did a very good job on the written portion of the exam. During the oral, I was asked only one question having to do with my response to the MVC versus polling versus constraints-based UIs question. I mentioned while describing MVC that most modern MVC toolkits blend the view and the controller. I was asked to distinguish the view from the controller and describe why one would want to keep them separate. My response was that, based on my experience with M/VC toolkits, I didn't understand the distinction. The overall result of the process was a flat-out pass. Concern was raised with regard to my research portfolio, but nothing really about the written.

With that said, here are my responses to the Spring 2002 qualifier exam:

I skipped questions 1, 3, and 7.

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