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Current Projects

  • Human-Centered Computing Education Digital Library

    I have been a GRA for Jim Foley since Fall 2004. We have been working on the Human Centered Computing Education Digital Library (HCC EDL). Specifically, I am investigating different ways to support browsing library contents and intertwining the browsing and searching processes more closely. We have created ResultMaps, a visualization system for search result listings, which we use with the HCC EDL search engine.

    Clarkson, E. and Foley, J. ResultMaps: Visualization for Search Interfaces. Accepted to InfoVis 2009.

    Clarkson, E., Day, J. and Foley, J. The Development of an Educational Digital Library for Human-Centered Computing. GVU-TR-05-33.

  • Conceptual Modeling for Faceted Navigation

    In collaboration with Sham Navathe and Jim Foley, I have developed ER and relational models that describe extant faceted navigation backing data and query features. Such models are useful for building new systems or frameworks and suggest novel extensions to the state-of-the-art.

    Clarkson, E., Navathe, S. and Foley, J. Generalized Formal Models for Faceted User Interfaces. To appear at JCDL '09.

See Curriculum Vitae for complete publication listing.

Older Projects

  • Empirical Study of mini-QWERTY Keyboard Performance

    As a class project for CS 7470 (Ubiquitous Computing), James Clawson and I conducted a study to investigate how fast people can type using those little QWERTY keyboards (with Kent Lyons and Thad Starner). The results of that and later studies on mini-QWERTY keyboards have been presented at CHI and ISWC.

    Clarkson, E., Lyons, K., Clawson, J. and Starner, T. Revisiting and Validating a Model of Two-Thumb Text Entry. In Proceedings of CHI '07, pp 163 - 166.

    Clarkson, E., Clawson, J., Lyons, K. and Starner, T. An Empirical Study of Typing Rates on mini-QWERTY Keyboards. In CHI '05 Extended Abstracts, pp. 1288 - 1291.

  • Heuristic Evaluation for Human-Robot Interaction Systems

    During Spring and Summer 2004 I did independent research with Ron Arkin on the application of heuristic evaluation to human-robot interfaces and systems.

    Clarkson, E., and Arkin, A. Applying Heuristic Evaluation to Human-Robot Interaction Systems. In Proceedings of FLAIRS '07, pp. 44 - 49.

  • Exploring Continuous Pressure Input for Mobile Phones

    Between Summer 2004 and Spring 2005, Shwetak Patel and I (advised by Jeff Pierce and Gregory Abowd) investigated interaction techniques enabled by pressures sensors deployed on mobile computing devices (e.g., phones). (pdf)

  • CS 7001

    7001 is a course at Georgia Tech designed to help 1st-year Ph.D. students wet their feet in different research areas.

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