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Curriculum Vitae

Edward C. Clarkson


Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA
Washington and Lee University, Lexington, VA
  • B.S., summa cum laude, June 2000
  • Majors in Mathematics and Computer Science (GPA 3.87/4.0, +/- scale)
  • Phi Beta Kappa, Darnall W. Boyd Honor Scholarship, Clifford Williams Honor Scholarship, National Merit.
  • Advisors: Profs. Paul Bourdon (Math) and Tom Whaley (CS)

Academic Positions

Graduate Research Assistant
Graduate Teaching Assistant
  • CS 4750: User Interface Design (Elaine Huang, Instr.), Summer 2004
  • CS 4611/7611: AI Problem Solving (Ashok Goel, Prof.), Spring 2004
Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • NSF REU/Paul Bourdon, Summer 1998

Industry Positions

  • The Weather Channel, Atlanta, GA
    • R&D Intern - Weather Data Visualization, Summer 2007
  • IBM Corporation, Research Triangle Park, NC
    Enterprise Network Computing, z/OS Operating System Division
    • Software Engineer, Aug. 2000-July 2003: Involved with design, development and test of various components of the TCP/IP application stack for the z/OS mainframe environment (BIND DNS server and TCP/IP MLS specifically).

Refereed Publications

Clarkson, E., Foley, J. and Desai, K. ResultMaps: Visualization for Search Interfaces. Accepted to Proceedings of InfoVis '09. (26% acceptance)

Clarkson, E., Navathe, S. and Foley, J. Generalized Formal Models for Faceted User Interfaces. In Proceedings of JCDL '09, pp. 125-134. (Best Paper Nominee - 28% acceptance)

Clarkson, E. and Arkin, R. Applying Heuristic Evaluation to Human-Robot Interaction Systems. In Proceedings of FLAIRS '07, pp. 44 - 49.

Clarkson, E., Lyons, K., Clawson, J. and Starner, T. Revisiting and Validating a Model of Two-Thumb Text Entry. In Proceedings of CHI '07, pp 163 - 166. (22% acceptance)

Clawson, J., Lyons, K., Starner, T. and Clarkson, E. The Impacts of Limited Visual Feedback on Mobile Text Entry for the Twiddler and Mini–QWERTY Keyboards. In Proc. of ISWC '05. (Best Paper Nominee - 25% acceptance) (pdf)

Clarkson, E., Clawson, J., Lyons, K. and Starner, T. An Empirical Study of Typing Rates on mini-QWERTY Keyboards. In CHI '05 Extended Abstracts, pp. 1288 - 1291. (25% acceptance) (pdf)

Conference Workshop/Colloquia Papers

Clarkson, E. and Foley, J. Augmenting Digital Library Search Interfaces with Visual Analysis Tools. In 2007 IEEE Visualization Doctoral Colloquium.

Clarkson, E. and Foley, J. ResultMaps: Search Result Visualization for Hierarchical Information Spaces. In Proceedings of the CHI '07 Workshop on Exploratory Search and HCI, pp. 32 - 39.

Conference Posters

Clarkson, E., Day, J. and Foley, J. An Educational Digital Library for Human-Centered Computing. In CHI '06 Extended Abstracts, pp. 646-651. (pdf)

Clarkson, E. and Foley, J. Browsing Affordance Designs for the Human-Centered Computing Education Digital Library. In JCDL '06 Extended Abstracts, p. 361.


Clarkson, E., Patel, S., Pierce, J. and Abowd, G. Application of Continuous Pressure Input to Mobile Interaction. GVU Tech Report GIT-GVU-06-20. (pdf)

Clarkson, E. and Arkin, R. Applying Heuristic Evaluation to Human-Robot Interaction Systems. GVU Tech Report GIT-GVU-06-08. (pdf)

Clarkson, E., Day, J. and Foley, J. The Development of an Educational Digital Library for Human-Centered Computing. GVU Tech Report GIT-GVU-05-33. (pdf)

Clarkson, E. Complex Plot: a Visual Aid for Plotting Analytic Functions. Washington and Lee Journal of Science 1(1), pp. 31-34.

Community Involvement

  • Reviewer: International Journal on Digital Libraries, UIST 2005, CHI 2006, CHI 2007, CHI 2008
  • Student Volunteer: JCDL 2006
  • Member: ACM, IEEE, CHI Atlanta


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