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27 May 2007


We met Dan's mom Judy and her husband Chuck at the Cathedral just before noon to watch the traditional dancing called Sardana. A live band played music and a large collection of mostly older Barcelonians danced in circular groups. It doesn't look especially difficult to do, though we were told it requires a fair amount of concentration and counting. It's not an energetic dance, though occasionally there is a bit more action. We later saw children learning the dance in Plaza Cataluyna.

After the dance was over, we walked to Barcelonetta, the beach area just to the south. We found a restaurant for lunch and enjoyed tasty (and, it turns out, expensive) seafood. The highlight was fresh fish, shown to us in its pre-cooked form for our approval. This turned out to cost 40 euros per fish (about $60 each). Next time one fish will be enough!

After lunch Dan, the girls and I walked to the beach. It was surprisingly clean and, while crowded, not overly so. We'd thought the beaches right near the city would not be all that pleasant, so this was nice to see.

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