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25 May 2007

Dan, Carmen and Bethany Arrive

The long awaited arrival of B, C and D happened today. They flew overnight Thursday night, arriving on the same flight I took at about 11am on Friday. I left my class in the able hands of the TA, Jon Olson, along with a quiz to administer, and came back to the apartment to meet them. They were in surprisingly good shape – Bethany had slept most of the flight, foregoing (no surprise) both dinner and breakfast. Carmen was entranced by the games available on the screen at her seat and evidently slept very little. Dan got about as much sleep as a 6 foot 3 inch guy can expect in coach class.

They were loaded with stuff – in addition to the usual clothes, there was a book suitcase (mostly guidebooks and reading for the adults), an electronics suitcase, a new laptop for the girls plus free printer, an old laptop for Dan, and golf clubs. My arrival was lightweight in comparison!

We had some lunch then went to Parc Joan Miro, one of many city parks. This one happens to be within two blocks of our apartment. The girls rollerbladed over there – no shoes necessary at all, since one can rollerblade onto the elevator, out the front door, and directly to the park! The park has a variety of play areas for different ages and includes a very tall climbing structure that would never pass safety muster in the US.

DSC_0056.JPG DSC_0057.JPG

Parc Joan Miro also has a zip-line style contraption that doesn't get very far off the ground, and some areas that are for little kids.

DSC_0062.JPG DSC_0064.JPG

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