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28 May 2007

Park Guell

Park Guell is located north of Barcelona on a fairly large area, consisting of pathways, gardens and buildings. It was designed by Antony Gaudi and built in the early 1900s. The Park contains an incredible set of sculptures and buildings, many using colorful mosaic tiles that give the place a fairyland feeling.

DSC_0023.JPG DSC_0027.JPG


Judy and Chuck accompanied us on this outing. We took the metro as close as we could and then walked the mile or so to Park Guell. The walk wasn't bad, although Dan had offered to bring the girls' rollerblades, so we had an extra load to carry. Here we are having a picnic on the mosaic benches that surround a large open area. Bethany amused herself by making drawings of rabbits in the sand.

DSC_0039.JPG DSC_0042.JPG

DSC_0044.JPG DSC_0045.JPG

As in many other areas of the city, there are plenty of goofy photo opportunities:


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