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July 5-6, 2010: Workshop at TCNJ

Workshop hosted by Peter DePasquale.
Location: We have approximately 30 spots available for the workshop at The College of New Jersey (Ewing, NJ), and welcome participation from area faculty interested in this approach. Local information on workshop

The goal of this workshop is to introduce techniques that might be integrated into introductory courses in computing with a goal of attracting and engaging a broader range of students. We will be using Media Computation ( Media Computation is an approach to teaching introductory computing where the focus is on manipulating pictures, sounds, and video. Media Computation has been successful in motivating and engaging students, by contextualizing computing in a relevant activity.

A CD with all software will be provided at the workshop. We will also have a limited number of USB drives for copying the software at the workshop.

This workshop is funded by the NSF CCLI program. It is aimed at computer science higher-education faculty and is also open to high school teachers.


Monday July 5
8:30-9: Continental Breakfast
9 am: Introductions and overview of the workshop.
9:30-10:30: Introduction to Media Computation using Pictures in Python: Basic Filters
10:30-10:45: Coffee Break
10:45-12:00: Compositing and scaling images.
12:00-1:00: Lunch
1:00-1:30: Tackling a homework assignment in Media Computation. Making a collage.
1:30-2: Shifting to Java for images.
2:00-3:30: Introducing sound, sound manipulations, splicing sounds in Java and Python.
3:30-3:45: Break
3:45-4:30: Making movies and digital video special effects. (Try some Media Computation homework!)

Tuesday July 6
8:30-9: Continental Breakfast
9-10:00 am: Overview of results of Media Computation: Why a contextualized computing education approach
10:00-10:15: Coffee Break
10:15-11:00: Introducing objects in a MediaComp way: Turtles and MIDI
11-12: Linked Lists of Music
12:00-1:00: Lunch
1-1:30: Try making your own linked list music.
2:30-3:30: Linked lists and trees of pictures
3:30-4: Group Discussion: Which pieces could be used in your classes and where?
4-4:30: A Taste of Alice and Media Computation.


To register, please sign up at:
Please note that we will form a waiting list (or try to expand the number of attendees), if interest is sufficient.

The workshop is free to participants, including continental breakfast, coffee breaks, and lunch. Mileage will be reimbursed up to $100. Out-of-state travel (e.g., airfare) will be reimbursed up to $250. If you live more than 45 miles from The College of New Jersey, we will pay for two nights of a hotel room. For mileage reimbursement, we will need start/stop odometer readings.

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