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To pick up on QrazyQat's comment..#4McImbecile was whnniig that Obama earmarked 3 million dollars for an overhead projector to be used in a Chicago planetarium. If you were to convert that 3 million dollars onto Iraq expenditure dollars it would equate into about 15 minutes in time. Basically a big poof of money going down the without a positive return for investment.I was surprised that McImbecile would cite such a worthy investment in education and science as something to be ridiculed as wasteful. Education is among the only investments to be made that will always return beneficial dividend even if we can't quantify the benefit we know it can't come back void. How many bunker buster bombs will 3 million dollars buy? maybe 3! How many cluster bombs? at least a dozen!As a child growing up in the New York metropolitan area one of my memorable learning experiences was a school field trip to the Hayden Planetarium..Millions of school children shared that experience, and I'm sure million of Chicago's school children learned things of value from their planetarium. It irks me to know that McImbecile is so anti-science and anti-education..What a cretin , what a slug.

test from randy@cc

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