Individual Posters

Old Posters
  1. Hazards in Wireless Sensor and Actor Networks: hazards-new2.ppt
  2. Data Gathering and Broadcasting: DataGatheringBroadcasting.ppt
  3. Energy-efficient Communication Strategy in Wireless Sensor Networks: cts-poster.ppt
  4. System Support for Cross-Layering in Heterogeneous Sensor Stack: gtbi_06_ies_poster2.ppt

Current Posters

  1. Information Prioritization for Distributed Video Surveillance Application gtbi_06_priority_poster.ppt
  2. IPTV Enhancement using a Wireless Sensor Network: ipsens1.ppt
  3. CRBcast CRBcast_GTBI.ppt

Integrated Poster

  1. Energy-efficient Communication in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks: Integrated_poster_5.ppt

New Integrated Poster
  1. IPTV combined1.ppt
  2. Distributed Surveillance gtbi_int.ppt

  1. Integrated Draft (updated: 6 nov 2006): Integrated_pos.ppt