Sensor/Actor Testbed Demo:

We use the 5040 mica2 motes professional kit for the sensor network part. For creating an actor network, and integrating sensor-actor testbeds, we perform the following sequence of operations:

Stargate/IPAQ/Mica2 Motes Demo:

This is a simple surveillance application using heterogeneous sensor network. Sending image data from camera wastes both bandwidth and energy. This application shows how using low-bit rate sensors can be used to selectively actuate the cameras of interest. With the help of small sensor devices (e.g. Motes with humidity, light, or sounder sensor), an actuator can initiate stream data from cameras. This application consists of 3 different networks:
  1. Low bandwidth sensor network (e.g. motes ),
  2. High bandwidth sensor network (e.g. camera sensors with 802.11 Ad-hoc mode), and
  3. Stargate based interconnection / mesh network.
For an interoperability, Stargate works as a bridge node between different networks