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Crypt courses by Mihir Bellare
Secure Software System by Dawn Song
Network Security and Intrusion Detection by Giovanni Vigna
CS6238 Secure Computer System by Mustaque Ahamad
Theoretical Foundations of System Security, Computer Security Models and Architectures by Ravi Sandhu
Cryptography by David Wagner
Computer Security by David Wagner
Access Control: Theory and Practice by Ninghui Li
Statistical Data Mining Tutorials by Andrew Moore
Software Security (Malware reading group) by Hao Chen
Design of Secure and Reliable Systems by Jun Xu
Selected Topics in Network Security , Network Security by Fabian Monrose
Intrusion Detection by Xinyuan Wang
CSC774 Advanced Network Security by Peng Ning
CS395T Advanced Computer Security by Vitaly Shmatikov
MIT: Computer and Network Security
Internet Security: a Measurement-based Approach ,Internet Measurement by Yan Chen

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