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Note: all these softwares are free and powerful. Enjoy!

PDF creator: small and free PDF creator
Crimson Editor: free powerful editor
7-zip: free powerful zip/unzip tool
pdf995: another free pdf creator, with more toolset
JabRef: Powerful bibtex management tool
TexPoint: PPT add-in enables Latex formulas (NOTE: it is no longer free now! I recommend to use Beamer instead.)
Latex Beamer: making nice slides if you are a latex user!
Maxthon: tabbed IE
IrfanView: free and small image viewer
foxit reader: very small pdf reader (suppot Chinese), also support FORM FILLER!!!
Mwsnap: free screen capture software
Wink: free screen recorder
WPS Office: free yet powerful personal office word processor
OpenOffice: another popular free office suite
Texaide: tex version of MathType, easy to convert MathType to tex
Tablas: visual table to tex
Doxygen: document generation tool for C/C++/Java, etc
WebMon: a freeware web page update monitoring program
Kile: a user friendly TeX/LaTeX editor for the KDE desktop environment (as WinEdt for Windows)
TeXnic: a free TeX/LaTex editor for Windows (WinEdt is not free, but this is!)
LED: LatexEditor, yet another free TeX/LaTex editor for Windows!
GIMP: the GNU Image Manipulation Program (as PhotoShop)
VIM: a powerful text editor
Scilab: a free scientific software package (as Matlab)
Anjuta DevStudio: a versatile IDE for C/C++ under GNU/Linux
Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling - CDT
Valgrind: tools for debugging and profiling Linux programs
Kscope: source code reading and analysis tool under Linux (as SourceInsight in windows)
Source-Navigator: yet another source code reading and analysis tool
Xen: free VMM, use it to replace VMWare
UML: user-mode linux, free VMM only suporting linux
QEMU: small, fast processor emulator/VMM (download free OS image here)
GraphViz: Graph Visualization Software
SpamAssassin: powerful #1 Open-Source Spam Filter
Procmail: use it to filter your spam
Octave: numerical computation tool (similar to Matlab in numerical computation function)
MinGW: Minimalist GNU for Windows (windows version of GCC and GDB!!!)
Dev-C++: a full-featured IDE for the C/C++ programming using MinGW
MinGW Developer Studio: another free IDE based on MinGW, similar to MSVS
Dia: a drawing program, to generate EPS graph
GIMP: GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program, poor man's photoshop

API Monitor: Monitor windows API for processes
Doxygen Docs on Bro, Snort

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