28 June 2004

We got up in time for mass at the Blackfriars' church (supposed to be the oldest church in Oxford). We went to the family mass which was appropriately rowdy with toddlers wandering and testing their lungs throughout mass. We did a bit of shopping on the way back. (Matt wanted a new Animorphs book from Borders.)

After changing, we went out to explore Worcester. The playing fields are huge. We played tag and watch-Matt-scrape-himself-climbing-trees.

We spent a good bit of time just hanging around the house. The girls wanted to draw (e.g., make a Welcome sign for Aunt Sue and Michele) and watch videos. They're tired. Here's another shot of the garden outside our house:
Uploaded Image: gardenwall.jpg

We found the Tourist Information Center on Broad Street and took a Circle Tour (double-decker bus, open on top) of the city. Both Jenny and Katie fell asleep during the tour, and Jenny had to be carried off as she wouldn't wake up. But that helped us get the lay of the area.

We were invited to the dinner with the students at 6:30 and then I went to the orientation at 7:30. It was pretty funny. First the head of security points out that no one should be bringing in cases of beer, then a student asks "Why?" (!). Turns out he already has. Students were warned by their tour leaders (the ones who went with them the last four weeks touring Europe) not to get smashed at the Provost's Reception in a few weeks. Oh yeah – it's going to be an interesting summer!