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18 July 2006

I'm cheating by writing this around 4:30 on Tuesday, but there's really not been much to talk about lately. Barb's here!!! So, she's been taking the kids around (so no challenges, and no pictures from challenges). Monday's are my busy days – I had three conference calls on Skype or iChat.

On Monday, Barb, Jenny, and I went down to breakfast together, then I had class. 1316 is learning about recursive traversals (of linked lists and trees of sounds), and struggling with homework 3 and reviewing for the midterm. CompFreak was the discussion of "Where did all the criminals go?" chapter, the densest, most interesting, and most controversial of the book. Barb and the girls brought me a wonderful falafel roll and salad for lunch.

In the afternoon, I worked and did conference calls (with Merrick, then in the evening, with Tom Pilsch and with the Foundations group). We had our faculty meeting for dinner, and fortunately, Barb and the kids got in for dinner.

In the evening, I asked Barb if I could take her out for a drink – we hadn't been together on a date in over three weeks, and I wanted to thank her for giving me a whole day of work: What a luxury! We went to the Old School, a former school (from the 1800's) on Gloucester Green.

Today (Tuesday), just Barb and I got up – kids slept in. Thankfully they slept in – it's hard to get to sleep in this heat, so they've been up too late. (Tomorrow may hit 99F, and the record high for England ever is 102F!) I gave a midterm in 1316 that didn't seem to go so well – students were flustered by it, I think. Richard gave a great lecture explaining inferential statistics in CompFreak.

I came home – but they were still out playing tennis. So they had lunch and then we set out for our afternoon adventures, but too late for me to have much time. I had a 3-4 pm conference call with Mike Best, Beki Grinter, and Marshini Chetty about developing CS curriculum for Liberia, Ethiopia, and Rwanda. (I'm serious! Pretty wild, eh?)

This evening promises to be really interesting and fun. At 5:30, we have formal hall, where I have to do the Latin benediction, and make a toast. At 7, we have tickets to the play Horrible Histories for kids.

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