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24 July 2006

Jenny asked for "A quiet, resting day! Please!" today, so that's basically what we had. She went to breakfast with Barb and me, and the others slept in. Katie said that she was still in her sleeper at 11 am. They were just having lunch when I came back from class at 1 pm.

It wasn't so quiet and restful for me.
  • Over the weekend, I was awarded my largest NSF grant ever, $413K for three years.
  • I'm up for another NSF grant with a group, and I'm trying to get the IRB approved for that one.
  • I got word that we're going to be asked "questions" about our NSF BPC proposal ($2M!) which is a great sign. They don't ask questions if they already know that they're going to reject you. So, I'm trying to get that IRB done.
  • ICER papers in camera-ready format are due Wednesday.
  • I had three students at office hours, and Skype chats/calls all afternoon.
  • Conference call with Tucker at 4.
  • Foundations meeting video conference at 9.

We had Olivia and Rosalind (19 months and 3 years) over in the afternoon before dinner. The faculty meeting was fun and funny, as always. We played soccer for an hour with Richard, Martha, and Harrison (Richard's SO and her son, who's in Jenny's class at school) which was a lot of fun.

In the evening, we discovered that we boggled our reservations for Cardiff for this weekend, so we had to cancel. We're scrambling to figure out where we're going to go in Wales.

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