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25 July 2006

Kids were again slow to awaken. Jenny joined us for breakfast, but Matt and Katie didn't get going until 11 am. So while they lunched, I tried to catch up on ICER papers.

We all went ice-skating at the 2-4 pm session! It was too packed again (mostly Chinese – weird that it's mostly non-English ice skating each time!), but still fun. Jenny took one bad spill and scraped her skin, but with a plaster (bandage) she was up and going again.

We did make it in to dinner – cheeseburgers and fries, with garlic mushrooms for appetizer and this amazing chocolate shell with mousse inside for dessert. They feed us well here!

Afterward, they all went to play tag, and I stayed back to finish ICER papers and get ready for today's CompFreak lecture. I'm teaching multiple regression because that's what Richard taught, but I've never done it before in Python! I didn't get it right until about 10 pm, but it's working now.

We discovered Monday night that we'd boggled the Cardiff reservations. We made them for Thursday to Saturday, and Thursday is our 21st wedding anniversary–we already have dinner reservations and bought theatre tickets. Barb went hunting and found this totally cool village to visit in Wales, Llandudno. It's in Northern Wales, near Conwy. It's near the beach, and the mountains, and a gorgeous castle. It's an old resort town – in fact, it's where Alice Liddel's family (of "Alice in Wonderland" fame) used to spend their summers. Barb found a really nice Bed and Breakfast to stay at. We're all excited about it – it'll be much more relaxed (we hope) than the visits to bigger cities have been. We'll leave Friday morning for the 4-5 hour trip there by rail.

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