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26 July 2006

Yesterday (Wed.), Matt woke up with red, itching, painful eyes and a runny nose. We thought he might have conjuctivitis, which is diagnosed and treated by pharmacists here, not doctors. Barb took him to Boots while I was at class, and he was diagnosed with hay fever and was given drops and a form of Claritin. I'm thinking that it might be a cold because he was really whumped by it – he slept for nearly two hours yesterday afternoon!

Meanwhile, Barb took the girls to Cogges Manor and Museum, a farm dating back to the 13th century. The girls had a blast – they were talking on and on about it when they got back. (Barb provided the pictures for the below.)

They had a picnic, during which, Jenny was visited by a kitten whom she fed.

Jenny also got to be part of the falconry exhibit and hold a hawk and an eagle.

Both girls got to try on various outfits, and try their hands at things like washing a dress with a washing board and ringer.

Meanwhile, I cranked at home – finished up the ICER papers and submitted them; wrote a first draft of the final exam for CompFreak; had a conference call about financing media classes; and graded CS1316 HW4's. They were pretty bad. It's hard to learn something as abstract as data structures in six weeks. So, I'm reorganizing the last week so that we can focus on the data structures.

When everyone got home, Jenny and I went to the library to get her more books, then we all met at Turf Tavern (the tavern with really good food that requires traveling through twisty-turny thin passages to get there – it's the place where Bill Clinton "smoked an illegal substance but didn't inhale" says a plague on the wall).


When we got back to Worcester, there was a hot air balloon overhead!

We had a quiet night watching Narnia then got to bed.

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