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27 July 2006

Happy Anniversary to Barbara and me! Twenty-one years today! Richard and Martha and Harrison left us a nice card on our steps.

CS1316 students seemed happy with the reorganization – it may result in lower grades for them (i.e., fewer HW assignments in which to shine) but better chance that they'll do better on the last one. Today was a lab day in Computational Freakonomics. The students are SOOO confused! Good thing we're doing HW4 as a warm up to the final project. They don't know how to form reasonable hypotheses (No, there's little reason to think that savings rates correlate with Harley-Davidson stock prices. No, there's no clear connection between Atlantic water temperatures and the Dow Jones Industrial Average), and they're scared silly of programming. Still, I saw some nice things taking shape.

After class, Barb went shopping for awhile, then we went to Brown's for a tea – clotted cream, jam, scones, and tea (for me – kids had smoothie's, Barb had a Pimm's).


Tonight, Barb and I have reservations at the Cherwell's Boat House at 6:30 for dinner, then Robin Hood at Headington Park at 8.

Barb bought a new outfit for our anniversary (and she had great pleasure telling me how much she bought each piece for – the dress was from a consignment shop in Oxford.)

The boat house was a long walk (so much for Oxfordians notion of "walking distance") but was a pretty place with good food.


Our taxi never showed, but we hailed another one that was dropping people off at the boat house, and caught our play in time. This was quite an unusual Robin Hood: Robin and Marian were already married, the "Green Man" of pagan religion plays a prominent role, and Robin has a sister. And it ends quite sadly – not with Robin and Marian being married by Sean Connery at all! Alan Dale in this version is an aspiring director who keeps doing Marlon Brando and Robert DeNiro impersonations – definitely the humorous pause in the drama. An interesting evening. During "interval" (not intermission), Barb and I had crepes – chicken and mushroom for her, summer berries for me. I thought mine was great!

Caught the bus home (perhaps not the most romantic transport of the evening) and chased Matthew to bed around 11.

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