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30 July 2006

We got up early for breakfast again. Jenny had no warm breakfast, only cereal – the boiled eggs were soft and she didn't want to deal with those again. The rest of us ate a huge breakfast.

We walked over to the tram to go up the Great Orme, but it wasn't running at 9:30 am. Being an adventuresome bunch (read: "Barb and Matt were eager, and we convinced the girls"), we headed up the mountain.

Matt kept running ahead and then sat, guru-like, waiting for us.

Halfway up we stopped to tour the largest Bronze Age copper mine in the world. I didn't quite get what this was about until I got there. Here's this huge cave, all dug out looking for copper–3500-4000 years ago! It was all dug out with stone hammers and bone scrapers, mostly by children who could fit in the narrow passageways. It's huge! It's nine levels deep, but the tour only goes down the first two levels. You really do need hard hats – I bumped my head several times. It's an active archealogical dig, so they don't want to mess it up by making it too safe.

Yes, it was that narrow

Climbing out at the end

A view at the top of only part of the mine area

The views from the top of the Great Orme were even better than the climb up near Llandudno on the first day.

Yes, we could see all the way back to Conwy

We took the tram back down. Yes, we completely realize that we did this backwards – we walked up and rode the tram down. Our legs know this, too.

Barb on the tram way back down

We had lunch at the King's Head pub right next to the tramway, then raced down to the hotel and to the railway station in time for our 1:30 pm train. Wise Barb had suggested that we get reserved seats for the ride back, so it was very nice – we sat the whole way back.

We got back around 5:40 pm, got mostly unpacked, then head Sunday Roast in the hall with the students at 6:30 pm. We got back, finished unpacking, and played soccer until Katie got hurt the second or third time. (We were all too tired.) The kids have all asked us to be sure that they don't have to get up early tomorrow morning. Monday is going to be a rest day. But what an amazing weekend! The girls are already talking about what they want to do "next time" they're in Wales...

(I do have some panoramic shots of the view from the Great Orme and the Conwy Castle, but they're over 8Mb each, at the smallest, so I'm not uploading them here. Ask me about them sometime to see them.)

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