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1 August 2006

Now this was an exciting day!

I woke up too early, so I went out and worked on the CS1316 book for awhile. Just Barb and I went to breakfast.

When I got back, I had questions from Jan Cuny, the program director for the NSF Broadening Participation in Computing program, about our grant proposal. I wrote up answers and sent them to Amy Bruckman and Maureen Biggers for review, then I went to class.

CS1316 was fine–started doing the mapping from simulations to animations, which is a fun lecture. CompFreak was Richard finishing up research methods.

When I got back, Amy and Maureen had replied, so I composed a response to Jan with Barb reviewing over my shoulder.

We then went off shopping, buying all kinds of Oxford clothes and trinkets. Of course, we bought ice cream, too.
Since it's still chilly here (in the high 60's, high of 72F each day), Barb decided that her great gown from our anniversary wouldn't work. In an amazing show of shopping prowess, she bought a whole new outfit, again mostly from second shops, in less than an hour.

When we got back, just after four, we received word from Jan that she was recommending us for funding, at the FULL amount! The Full amount is $1,998,273 – just shy of two million dollars. Yes, we had something to celebrate!

We ordered Domino's pizza for the kids, and Katie and I walked up to get it. Barb and I got ready for the Faculty Dinner with the Provost.

Barb in her new gown in our garden

Us at the dinner

Champagne to start, in the drawing room

Our menu. Yes, you're reading that right. Even after the champagne, there was a DIFFERENT wine with every course.

What a dinner! The food and wine were terrific. The Provost's dining room is amazing. Original paintings on every wall – behind the Provost, "The Adoration of the Magi," a painting I'd studied in art history in school. I sat near Bob Cook (our Shakespeare teacher) and the Provost's wife, Sue, a fellow (professor) in the College in theology. She's been working on a book on how the psalms changed over the centuries, in interpretation and in media (stained glass vs. music vs. preaching). She was tickled (I think – she may have just been polite) that I grokked some of the media issues. I didn't explain that I have a student (Je77) and a mentor (Alan Kay) who are big McLuhan fans.

Barb and I took a stroll around the College before bed, to walk off some of the glasses of wine. What a day!

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