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2 August 2006

Barb and I got everyone up for breakfast this morning, because they were going off to see the Vale of the White Horse today. It's the shape of a horse, carved into the side of a mountain in prehistoric times, then filled with chalk. Barb will send me her pictures later, but you can see what it's about here:

Barb's picture of the Vale

Kids at the horse

CS1316 essentially ended today. I taught them how to map simulations to animations – making the Wildebeests and Villagers, in the language of the class. I'm going ahead to do the discrete event simulation lecture, but it's clearly "extra" now. CompFreak had their final exam, which took people a long time.

In the afternoon, I had office hours, then went shopping for our "tailgate" party. At 7:45 was the UGa/GT football (read: "soccer") game, so we decided to host a "tailgate" party in the lovely garden behind 10 Worcester Place (our house) at 6:45. The girls were MOST excited about it!

We probably had 20-30 students, faculty, and family of faculty come by at some point, including some of the players. The girls gave tours of their bedrooms and their toys.

Matt was asked to be a line judge. (They were very serious about this game – they hired a professional soccer ref for the game.) Katie was very proud of him.

Yes, it was rain and cold throughout, but that didn't slow the girls down! They cheered CONTINUOUSLY throughout the game. Jim Craig (one of the other GT faculty here) said that Jenny seemed to be floating a foot off the ground, and that Katie had the lowest, highest pitch screams he'd ever heard.

When they weren't cheering, the girls were playing soccer with the GT students.

In the end, Georgia Tech lost, for the first time in 13 years, the first time ever at Oxford. The score was 1-1 at the end of the game, but both teams insisted on a clear victor, so they had a penalty shot shoot-out. Tech lost that part 1-3. UGa was thrilled, and Tech was...very somber this morning.

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