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3 August 2006

The morning was so cold and rainy, that I was the only one to go to breakfast in the Hall. When I got back, everyone was just stirring – the Martin, our "Scout," arrived, so everyone got dressed quick and had breakfast.

CS1316 ended early – I finished the discrete event simulation, after making them stand up and walk through being a linked list in inserted order. So I went to the Memorial Room and helped Katie get her program running, and then just started working early with the CompFreak students. Though the HW4 grades were the pits, the questions they're asking are so interesting for the final project. One student is demonstrating the statistically significant correlation for the % of students in schooling to a nation's GDP across 165 nations. Another group is looking at College football winning percentages compared to graduation rates. Another group is looking at the GPAs given by a professor correlated with the professor's salary–do hard-graders get the most money? Still another is looking at the impact on the movie Supersize me on McDonald's stock.

Barb and Katie went off in the afternoon to go to Oxford Castle.
Katie on the mound

Jenny and I went to Blackwell's (I wanted a book on BASH, and she just wanted books), then we grabbed Matthew and started shopping on High Street, in places like the Oxford University Press bookstore.

How most of our long walks end – with Jenny riding on Matthew's shoulders

We tried to go to the Lamb and Flag (the other pub that C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien used to hang out at with the other Inklings), but they don't serve evening meals, only lunch. So we went back to Turf Tavern again (oh darn), where the kids all could get their excellent chicken tikka massala. (And Barb and I had "Old Speckled Hen," a real, warm ale.)

Afterward, we got dressed up, and headed for the Provost's Champagne Reception, an annual closing event where everyone gets dressed up and has pictures in the Provost's garden.

Us dressed up in our garden, walking over

The girls had brought a flower for Marion, the lady who runs the dining hall and has been so kind to our children. She had brought a teddy bear for Jenny, and Worcester mugs for all three children! Turns out that her grandchildren are all grown, now. She told Barb that all the wait staff are just tickled by our children, because they're so polite and adorable.

The Georgia Tech Summer 2006 Oxford Study Abroad program faculty, and their significant others.

This young lady came over to Barb and said, "I took CS1315, and I used your picture SO often!" So I had to take a picture of Barb with her fan club. (Elizabeth in the corner of the picture, watches over Eddie and Molly's kids – she's a newly graduated GT alum. Yesterday, Katie told us that she'd like to stay in Oxford for Middle School, and could we just send money? Elizabeth offered to keep Katie and we can just send the money to her :-)

Jane Marie (in my CompFreak class) who cheered with the girls at the soccer game, wanted a picture with them

The girls wanted a picture with the group of students whom we'd caught up with in Dublin–you can see the new teddy bear there.

This is McCailagh (sp?), the only female on the GT Soccer game. When we asked to take a picture with her, she knew what it was about. "My fan club!" Our girls were proud of her.

A gaggle of young ladies from my CompFreak class with Jenny and Katie

Katie announced to Barb on the top of the Saxon castle mound at Oxford Castle, "I'm coming back to Oxford, whether with my family or not!" Jenny told me yesterday that what she'll most miss is pizza baguettes, ice cream nearly every day, and going to hall to eat with the students. Matthew will miss everything – he really loves Oxford.

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