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5 August 2006

Saturday was a day for packing, final projects, a last walk around Oxford, then Oliver! at the New Playhouse at Oxford on George Street (about a five minute walk away).

While we packed, I answered last minute questions via email and IM, and got the presentations ready for final projects in CompFreak. Presentations were really quite nice in CompFreak. Meanwhile, Katie and Barb went to High Tea at the Randolph.

When I got back from class, Barb and I tried to get to Merton College, arguably Oxford's oldest college (Balliol was there first, but University College owned the first land there, but Merton was the first with its own money and independent ownership), but it was having a wedding. So we took our last tour of Oxford.

Two of the cool College doors
IMG_0858.JPG IMG_0861.JPG

An interesting cottage, situated along one of the last standing parts of the original medieval wall around Oxford

A view from the Isis back onto the Colleges at Oxford – Magdelen at the right, Christ Church at the left

Barb, with the final resting place of my camera (near Folley Bridge) behind her

When we got back, we looked for someplace to have our last Oxford dinner at. We tried Old Bookbinders, but it was too smokey with no garden. We tried Jude the Obscure, but they wouldn't allow kids after 5 pm (even in the garden!). So, we went back to Rackham Arms for a so-so meal. (It was grilling night, which is a big deal in Oxford, but grilled meat is no big deal to an Atlantan.)

We got back in time for our play, Oliver!. It was an amateur performance – 150 kids onstage from all over Oxford in something they call StageExperience. It was the same place where we'd seen "Horrid Histories," so I guess we should have expected the amazing heat. Still, it was a terrific performance – "Who will buy this beautiful morning?" was stunning, and Faigan was amazing.

We got back around 10 pm and went to bed for our trip out in the morning.

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