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6 August 2006

Of course, Sunday was a blur. Breakfast in the Hall, with lots of goodbyes and have-a-safe-trip-home's. We got our 8:15 bus, and got in by 10:25. No problem at all checking in. Had a bit of a hassle finding something Jenny would eat before getting on the plane, and we lost each other when I went to buy some whiskey. (Focusing on Irish whiskies to try.)

But we made it to our 12:20 flight. We all watched tons of movies. I wrote an essay for Stefany, graded finals and computed final grades, and wrote some more on the data structures book.

Atlanta was having a severe thunderstorm when we got near, so we circled the Blue Ridge Mountains for awhile. (The map showing our route actually showed the circles.) And then we landed far from the thunderstorm cell, so we taxied for a long time. So the 4:25 pm landing was more like 5:30, but we got through customs and passport control very quickly, and by around 6/6:30, we were picking up our luggage with Grandpa. We were home.

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