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7 July 2004

Wednesday afternoon, awaiting "unseasonal storms" (says the BBC).

Yesterday, I took the kids off (after pretending to play tennis for awhile) to see where the Oxford Canal joins the Thames ("Isis" in Oxford). Sue and I ran by that spot both Monday and Tuesday morning, but yesterday (around 3), it was really hopping. Boats were moving, and we even saw a boat go through the lock that separates the two waterways. It was way cool – even Jenny was impressed with the boat rising as the lock doors were opened.

We got word last night that our neice, Amanda, does now have A/C! The A/C in our house died, and with temperatures in the 90's in Atlanta, that's pretty miserable. My parents tried to help get the appointment with the repair folks, but Barb's sister, Laurie (Amanda's mom) got it set up from Michigan. YAY! Internet is still out – Amanda says that the DSL modem lights aren't all coming on, which suggests a problem in the Central Office.

Our washing machine was replaced today. It died Sunday night when we returned from Edinburgh – started smoking and leaving grease spots on the clothes. It's coin-operated, so the company that owns it replaced it today. Second Hooray!

Like I said, we're entering the more everyday stage of our visit :-)

This morning, we took a walk over to Blackwell's, and Matt and I rode The Oxford Story. It was a tourist-y excursion, but still fun. The kids liked that Blackwell's was underground.

Houses in Oxford

Uploaded Image: oxford-houses.jpg

My students are doing well – their collages are starting to show up at the bottom of I used the first half hour of class today to be a session on their collages. Most students were doing well or were doing well by the end of the session, so they're making progress. It's interesting to be able to know exactly which students are doing okay and which are not.

But it's still a lot of work to teach a small class on a program like this. I got IM-ed at 4:30 last night by two students simultaneously. We had a 5 pm faculty "bits and pieces" (Happy Hour) event to go to, so I answered questions for them and copied pictures they wanted onto a USB keychain drive. I carried it with me to dinner at 5:30 and dropped it off to them there, then went off with Barb and the kids for ice cream. On the way back to the house, I stopped by the lab to take questions from several of them. When you live a five minute walk from the lab and lecture room, "office hours" are pretty much continual :-)

When I came home, I was met by Jenny the Robot! Katie made her costume, and made the signs on her back. She said to say that they finished watching Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Uploaded Image: robot-jenny.jpg Uploaded Image: robot-jenny-back.jpg

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