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11 July 2004

Sunday morning–gray and early, before breakfast and church at Blackfriars.

Yesterday was a quieter day. We played in the house (caught up with the Internet back up!), had lunch, and then walked over to Botley Park for a "West Oxford Fun Day." It was a small, community festival – a few rides, some games, live music and a little dancing. We stayed for a few hours, then walked back.

I roasted a chicken and made potatoes, zucchini, and corn for dinner. It was an adventure: Lighting the oven by hand, setting the temperature when there was no temperature markings on the oven control, and cooking without our normal seasonings.

We ended the night watching the first half of Shanghai Nights. It's been a Jackie Chan summer – we saw Shanghai Noon and The Tuxedo earlier this summer. We watch the DVD's on my laptop and use the class projector to project them on the wall of the dining room. Sitting on the hard chairs at the table isn't exactly like watching a movie in our living room at home, but close enough :-)

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