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12 July 2004

Yesterday, we were Oxford tourists. After going to family mass at Blackfriars, we had a mini-lunch (planning to snack later) and headed out. We first stopped by the tower at the University Church of St. Mary the Virgin for some incredible views of the city.

Uploaded Image: looking-out.jpg

This movie shows one of the sides of the tower in low-resolution. If you have QuickTime, you can run the .mov movie, which is QuickTime-VR. It's a panoramic view that you can scroll around in and zoom in on.

We then went to Christ Church College, which is a really amazing place. They've educated umpteen prime ministers, Lewis Carroll taught there, and they've had students like John Locke. The amazing thing for the kids was that they filmed parts of Harry Potter I and II there! We took the below picture on the stairway into the main dining hall:
Uploaded Image: barb-kids-entrance-hogwarts.jpg

Then we checked the DVD's for Harry Potter I and II (yes, we brought them both with us), to see where they used those steps. It's the entrance into Hogwarts in both movies.

The main dining hall, which portays the great hall in Hogwarts, is amazing, and the cathedral is gorgeous. We also went through the Picture Gallery, for which the kids were good sports. We walked past the Bridge of Sighs on the way back.

After a roast dinner with the students, we had one of our family soccer games, which are pretty darn exhausting! Matt's getting quite good, and Katie and Jenny aren't push-overs. It was a blast.

Then, we finished watching Shanghai Knights and called it a night. Oh, and Jenny lost her second front tooth yesterday while walking around on High Street, which was cause for a celebratory chocolate chip cookie! (Yes, the Tooth Fairy brings pounds in England.)

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