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13 July 2004

I mentioned yesterday that Jenny lost her second front tooth while we were touring Oxford. She left a cute note with her tooth under her pillow, which was replaced with a pound and a note with a heart on it. Well, on Monday, while we were doing a treasure hunt that Katie set up for us, Jenny found her note in Mommy's book bag.

It turns out that she had already picked up on some clues that the Tooth Fairy was less substantial than one might think, but that was the straw that broke the camel's back. The wailing and crying, the "there is no Santa Claus! there is no magic ANYWHERE!," the sheer melodrama! I think she's okay – she's a smart little kid, and she was bummed one moment and cheerful the next, so it wasn't a constant weight on her shoulders. But it was clearly the traumatic event of the day.

It was SO cold here yesterday! It didn't rain for once, but it was gray and in the low 50's.

Class is going great – they're already working on their audio collages. I loaned out Matt's PC to a student who didn't have access to a laptop, since the computers in the lab have no audio hardware (!). We're doing the midterm as a take-home starting Thursday morning (through Monday night). I had four people contact me during office hours, and another two via IM after office hours. It's an interesting experience, this immersive College life.

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