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14 July 2004

Yesterday, only Katie and I went to breakfast – the rest slept in since we watched Jack in the Beanstalk: The Real Story until late Monday night. I got to office hours a bit later than 9, and had a busy time. At one point, I had three students sitting the faculty office with me, while I worked with another one on IM. Class was fine – we did strings and files. Today we start networking.

Yesterday afternoon, we went punting again, where Matt took this great shot of me punting with Magdelen College in the background. Barb and the girls took out a paddle boat, and Barb got attacked by a swan! Didn't hurt her, but snapped at her hand if she tried to use the tiller.

Uploaded Image: mark-punting.jpg

Then we wandered Magdelen College, which was neat. We had a snack on the river terrace, saw the New Building where C.S. Lewis stayed, visited their deer park (they've had deer there since the 1700's!), and looked around their really old chapel. Here's the dining hall at Magdelene College:
Uploaded Image: hall-in-magdelene.jpg

Last night, it was Katie's turn to fall into the lake! We cleaned her up and just read books last night.

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