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16 July 2004

Wednesday, I went out for a morning run in the rain, and must have stepped funny. I was okay through the morning, but when I got out of class, my leg was really stiff. So, though it was a beautiful afternoon, I just kicked the soccer ball around some with the kids, while Barb played tennis. My leg got better over the next couple days.

Thursday, we spent the afternoon at the Oxford Museum of Natural History and the Pitt Rivers Museum. Both are amazing. Natural History is in a beautiful Victorian building–huge steel girders, intricately patterned. The things they have range from the skeletons of dinosaurs and a giraffe, to hundreds (thousands?) of mounted insects, to displays of live insects (more kind of huge cockroaches than I'd ever like to see in Atlanta! :-) Pitt Rivers is like a huge attic, filled to the rafters with odd junk–from shrunken heads (!), to lip extenders, to shields from all over the world, to native American capes. Fun place!

Natural History Building

Uploaded Image: natl-hist-bldg.jpg

Matt and the Dragon exhibit

Uploaded Image: matt-dragon.jpg

Checking out the bugs

Uploaded Image: checking-out-bugs.jpg

We spent the night watching Fellowship of the Ring, then Monty Python after the girls went to bed. I started grading the audio collages, and finished my Full Professor promotion packet first draft.

Today, we're off to London to meet up with my parents!

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