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17 July 2004

After breakfast yesterday, we caught an Oxford Express Coach into London, and caught up with my parents around 11:20 am. We had lunch at Victoria Station, then headed for the British Museum. We took the Underground, and when emerging, we asked out loud, "Now to the British Museum!" And the man emerging next to us simply said, "Up to the corner, turn right and keep going to the Museum," then walked on. Ubiquitous information source!

On the Underground

Uploaded Image: barb-jenny-underground.jpg

With Grandma and Grandpa, in front of the British Museum

Uploaded Image: g-g-britmuseum.jpg

Barb in the Courtyard

Uploaded Image: barb-egypt.jpg

Matt Checking out the Rosetta Stone

Uploaded Image: matt-rosetta.jpg

Matt laughing at Grandpa's jokes

Uploaded Image: grandpa-matt.jpg

After the museum, we walked down to Oxford Circus and then over to an area of town with inexpensive Indian food. We stopped by Hard Rock Cafe-London to get a shirt for my brother (he collects them), then walked across Hyde Park to Marble Arch where the folks took the Underground back to their hotel and we caught the London Express back. We didn't get in until around 11:30 pm – late night.

Checking out the telephone kiosks

Uploaded Image: phone-booth.jpg

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