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22 July 2004

I hung out with the kids during the morning yesterday (Wednesday) while Barb worked. They mostly watched Like Mike (DVD from the Oxford public library). (We have to designate which computers will be European DVD and which will be American DVD players, since DVD's are region-specific and you can't switch back and forth on any computer more than four times!)

Class was fun – we did movies, which I always find to be a blast. Today we're starting speed. At class, I invited my students to come by after High Table to eat up the rest of the goodies after

In the afternoon, I had six students show up for office hours. I continue to find this amazing, that I'm really getting many visitors to office hours.

Dinner last night was High Table again, for the 6:30 seating. Katie took photos this time.

Mark at High Table

Uploaded Image: at-high-table.jpg

After High Table

Uploaded Image: after-high-table.jpg

Katie counted: We had eight students show up last night – quite a percentage, out of 13 students! It was really nice. Carolyn Weirson pointed out how impossible this would be at Tech – here, my house is literally around the corner from their place, and I only have 13 students. What a luxury!

Jenny opened a door over her big toe yesterday. Cracked the nail quite a ways down. She was bleeding and crying for quite awhile. I think she'll be okay, but with heading to Paris this afternoon, she might not be up for as much touring as she would be otherwise. On the other hand, we're expecting temperatures in the mid-80's in Paris (!), so she can wear open-toed sandals the whole time, and that should reduce the rubbing and pain.

I woke up at 5 am this morning and finally finished midterm grading. They did wonderfully. Four 100's out of a class of 13. Almost all A's. Makes one think about how many of our educational problems are economic at their base. If we could afford to teach classes in smaller numbers (and students could be encouraged to actually attend class), a whole lot of learning is going on, in my experience!

After office hours and class today, we're catching a coach to London, then subway to Paddington, then Chunnel to Paris!

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