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28 July 2004

Monday was...Monday :-) We all but Matt woke up in time for breakfast. (I even ran.) We did shopping for souvenirs (I got a Worcester t-shirt), and then I taught (functional programming with the elves simulation) and had office hours. We played soccer for awhile before dinnertime. I went to the faculty dinner/meeting, while Barb took the kids to the student dinner. Power went out on our half of campus for a couple hours, so the alarms were going off in every building and Internet was out.

Tuesday was our NINETEENTH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!. I had office hours in the morning then taught. Afterward, I took the kids out to see "Thunderbirds" to give her some time. She went out shopping and bought this gorgeous outfit for our Anniversary date! I got the kids KFC, then she and I went to this cute Thai place (in an 1800's building down a tiny alleyway off High Street), then to see "Cyrano de Bergerac" by the Oxford Shakespeare Company outdoors in the garden of Wadham College. It was very nice – I've never seen the whole story, and the actor playing Cyrano was terrific! The whole company was a lot of fun and funny.

This morning, Katie, Matt, and I practiced martial arts after breakfast in our house – I got up early enough, but went running. Then I taught and had office hours (virtually everyone in my class came by to see me!). Tonight is the formal faculty dinner at the Provost's place. All the kids here (Liza and Philip, with our three) are coming over to our house for Domino's pizza.

Talking about coming home is a constant these days – everyone's packing up, making plans, figuring out last classes. I've got to plan my final yet. Getting near the end...

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