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3 August 2004

Last day!

Yesterday, Barb and the kids went to London. I can relate their story through their pictures, but I wasn't there. In the morning, I wrote the final exam. I taught mid-day, and made my announcement that I wouldn't be here Wednesday and Thursday (which was met with pretty upset students.) Then I had office hours in the afternoon to help students finish their movies. Then I ran errands, which was a bit emotional – probably my last time to run around Oxford in the city. We had the last faculty meeting last night, then I worked on my promotion packet until they all got home around 9:45.

First, Barb wanted to make the British Museum. There were several things that she still wanted to see there.

Uploaded Image: british-museum.jpg

Next, they went to the London Zoo. Jenny was going on-and-on about that when she got home last night – about the adorable baby animals she saw, and the animals she pet, and the unusual animals they saw.

Uploaded Image: katie-jenny-mink.jpg

About 6 pm, they went up on the London Eye – the huge ferris wheel on the banks of the Thames. Barb said it was fun, but only to do once. She wouldn't necessarily recommend it.

Uploaded Image: goingup-eye.jpg

Uploaded Image: matt-on-eye.jpg

After the Eye, they went to Regents Park to play for awhile on the climbing things.

Uploaded Image: playing-after-eye.jpg

Then they caught the 8:10 (because the 7:50 was cancelled) coach back to Oxford.

I woke too early this morning, so I did the movies grading. (I hope more of them post them – they were great! See the CS1315 Movies page.) I've got office hours this morning, then the final exam review and the posting of the final exam. We pack all afternoon and ship our boxes, and (if the rain breaks in time) we all attend the champagne reception in the Provost's garden tonight.

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