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U-8 Girls, Fall 2005


Coach Mark Guzdial: My home phone is 770-621-9770 and work is 404-894-5618.

Practice is ON

(I'll try to update this page ON/OFF in case of rain, in case you're wondering about practice and can't get a hold of me.)
You can also check the TYSA site at for site openings/closing.

Practices are Tuesday/Thursday 5-6 pm at Livsey Elementary.

(Uniform shirts will be available at the first game, if you don't already have one.)

Game Schedule

All games at Henderson Park, Henderson Field 1B

With regards to Colors
Home= Green

Saturday Sept. 17 3:30 pm. We're white (away) vs. Sudweeks. Snack: Jessica.
Saturday Sept 24 4:45 pm. We're green (home) vs. Lyles. Snack: Thii'Land. We're last game of the day this day, so we'll need some parent help with putting up field flags and goals.
Saturday Oct 1 11:45 am. We're white (away) vs. Cremeen. Snack: Dina
Saturday Oct 8 8:00 am. We're green (home) vs. Schaeffer. Snack: Elena. We're first game of the day this day, so we'll need some parent help setting up the field.
Saturday Oct 15 2:15 pm. We're white (away) vs. Carey. Snack: Liza.
Saturday Oct. 22 – We have a "bye" (no game).
Saturday Oct. 29 2:15 pm. We're white (away) vs. Mahir. Snack: Tricia.
30-Oct H1 B 3:30 8G SUNDAY game! Guzdial v. Schaeffer – We're home (green). Snack: Elena
Saturday Nov 5 3:30 pm. We're green (home) vs. Child. Snack: Thii'Land.
Saturday Nov. 12 2:15 pm. We're white (away) vs. Washburn. Snack: Alice. We're last game of the day this day.
Sunday (!!) Nov. 13 2:15 pm. We're green (home) vs. Epstein. Snack: Jenny. Last game of the season–and our only Sunday game.

Coach's Philosophy

My goal for the team is for every member of the team to end the season excited about soccer and planning to play TYSA soccer again. I'm not focused on winning – that's the wrong focus for the U-8 league. Instead, our focus will be on having fun and being competitive enough to stay challenged and motivated. I am more interested in everyone getting a chance to shine and feel excited about soccer, then playing only the strongest players in order to win games.

My coaching style is based on what U-8 players are developmentally capable of:

Requests for Parents

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