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Barb and Mark Cruising in Nov. 2004

Some of the pictures from our cruise to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, and Costa Maya in November 2004.

The first formal night was on Sunday, while we were still at sea.
Uploaded Image: First-formal-night-small.jpg


Here's Barb next to our boat.
Uploaded Image: barb-boat-small.jpg

We went snorkeling in two spots, then hung out on the beach.
Uploaded Image: fishies-smalll.jpg

In Cozumel, Barb did a great job bargaining and bought this beautiful dress that she wore that night.
The price tag said $55. "Oh, I only have $38," said Barb as she was walking out of the shop.
"Wait, lady! You have cash?"
Uploaded Image: barb-white-ondeck-sunset-small.jpg

Grand Cayman

We almost didn't get to do any excursions at all in Grand Cayman. Many things were still closed due to Hurricane Ivan, and the 40 knot headwinds cancelled a lot of water activities. Our stingray city visit was cancelled as we came in to port. We then booked a snorkeling trip which was literally cancelled as we lined up for it! Our third try worked and we did some fun snorkeling on a shipwreck and a reef.

Uploaded Image: barb-snorkeling-small.jpg

Costa Maya

Costa Maya is a mini-mall with beach attached. But we didn't stick around – we took a 2.5 hour bus ride to Kohunlich, a Mayan ruin.

Uploaded Image: kohunlich-small.jpg

Second Formal

The second formal night was Thursday, another day at sea.
Uploaded Image: second-formal-small.jpg

Barb had her hair done up both formal nights, and she really looked amazing.

Uploaded Image: barb-second-formal-small.jpg

That Thursday was our latest night – we even stayed up for the late night adult comedy at midnight. One of the funniest moments of the evening, though, was the Scotsman (in full kilt for formal night) singing Garth Brooks' country music (really quite well!) at Karaoke. (I have a movie with sound of this that I can play on request :-)

Uploaded Image: scotsmen-small.jpg

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