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NYC June 2005

June 24-27, Barb, the girls, and I went to New York City, with Barb's parents, to see Matt sing at Carnegie Hall with the Atlanta Boy Choir.

Friday June 24

We arrived at La Guardia and took a shuttle to our hotel, the Hotel Carter at Times Square–perhaps the dirtiest, oldest, most mismanaged hotel Barb or I had ever been to. But the location was terrific. We took a walk up to Rockefeller Center and back to Times Square.

Uploaded Image: in-times-square.jpg

Saturday June 25

It was going to be a really hot day, so we left early in the morning to go to the Statue of Libery and Ellis Island.

Girls on Liberty Island with Manhattan in the background.
Uploaded Image: girls-manhattan.jpg

Uploaded Image: girls-liberty.jpg

That night, we went to see Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which was right next door to our hotel.

Sunday June 26

We went to St. Patrick's Cathedral for mass, on a hot day when their water cooler was broken. I took Jenny out after communion to get some water. We ate at Ruby Foo's at Times Square for lunch, then went to Carnegie Hall where we met the mother of our friend, Shayna Steinfeld.

Uploaded Image: at-carnegie-hall.jpg

Uploaded Image: matt-in-choir.jpg

matt-carnegie-clip.avi (1.8Mb, lo-res) (3Mb, higher-res)

We got to see Matt as they were leaving Carnegie Hall and getting on their bus. The girls were his "groupies" that didn't want him to go.

Uploaded Image: matt-leaving-carnegie.jpg

Uploaded Image: matt-groupies.jpg

Afterward, we had dinner at Tony's (Italian) at Times Square, then took a carriage ride around Central Park.

Uploaded Image: central-park-carriage.jpg

Monday June 27

Grandma and Grandpa left early on Monday, so we went to the Toys R Us at Times Square on our own, and rode the giant indoor ferris wheel.

Uploaded Image: indoor-ferris-wheel.jpg

Our flight was almost two hours late leaving La Guardia, so we finally got in around 9 pm.

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