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Projects Page

This page replaces the one at I am still interested in many of those projects, but here's a higher-level set of projects..

What's CSL about?

The Contextualized Support for Learning Lab Lab ( is about how context motivates and facilitates learning about computing. Media Computation is an example, where manipulating digital media has been shown (at multiple institutions, with different ethnicities and both genders equally) to improve success rates in introductory computing.

We have a goal for the creation of Collaborative Dynabooks. The Dynabook is what personal computers were designed for: The creation, storage, and playback of personal dynamic media to support learning and thought by anyone, from children to expert programmers. The Dynabook was the vision of Alan Kay which drove the creation of Smalltalk-80 and the desktop user interface by Alan, Dan Ingalls, Adele Goldberg, Ted Kaehler, and others at Xerox PARC in the 1970's.

In practice, our focus is computing education research. See and publications at and for examples of recently completed work. Upcoming work will focus on creating technological solutions to computing education problems, like new kinds of digital textbooks and learning the underlying mechanisms (phonics) of computing.


Presentation at Fall 2010 UROC Job Fair: UROC2010-Tools-for-CSEd.ppt

Presentation at Fall 2009 UROC Job Fair

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