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Barb and Matt in Camelot

Matthew and Barbara are in our church's production of Camelot. Barb is Mrs. Sagramore (the knight) and a member of the chorus. Matt is a beast in the Enchanted Forest, and Tom of Warwick who plays a very significant role in the ending of the play. "Run, boy, run! Behind the lines!" Barb just glowed–everyone said to me, "She's really having fun, isn't she?" Her part in the joust was really fun. Matt has a great stage presence. He had me (and others) tearing up through the bows.

Uploaded Image: Barb-and-kids-larger.jpg
Uploaded Image: Barb-at-joust.jpg
Start-joust-scene.AVI (3M)
Barb-at-joust.AVI (41M)
Lusty-month-of-may.avi (5M)
Matt-and-beasts-dancing.AVI (8.5M)
Matt-and-beasts-making-wall.AVI (4.7M)
Barb-in-Guiniveres-escape.avi (3.1M)
Matt-at-end.AVI (36M)
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Matt-in-final-scene.AVI (21M)
Matt-singing-at-end.AVI (Scene added in final weekend - 21Mb)

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