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Blogging: Oxford-Summer-2006

Story: Matthew, Katie, Jenny, and I were in Oxford, England from 23 June to 6 August. Barbara joined us July 15.

This blog is our story. The last week's worth of entries are below. Access earlier entries through the calendar at the left. You can leave comments for us below.


1 June 2007

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6 August 2006

Of course, Sunday was a blur. Breakfast in the Hall, with lots of goodbyes and have-a-safe-trip-home's. We got our 8:15 bus, and got in by 10:25. No problem at all checking in. Had a bit of a hassle finding something Jenny would eat before getting on the plane, and we lost each other when I went to buy some whiskey. (Focusing on Irish whiskies to try.)

But we made it to our 12:20 flight. We all watched tons of movies. I wrote an essay for Stefany, graded finals and computed final grades, and wrote some more on the data structures book.

Atlanta was having a severe thunderstorm when we got near, so we circled the Blue Ridge Mountains for awhile. (The map showing our route actually showed the circles.) And then we landed far from the thunderstorm cell, so we taxied for a long time. So the 4:25 pm landing was more like 5:30, but we got through customs and passport control very quickly, and by around 6/6:30, we were picking up our luggage with Grandpa. We were home.

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Hi Uncle Mark, Matt, Katie, and Jenny

I love the blog!!! I wish I could learn how to do a cool journal while I was here. Today is the last day of classes for June and we have a four day weekend to explore around the town. I love the challanges that you set up everyday; that sounds very fun!! I also would love to explore the old castle. I find that very exciting that you are some of the first public to stand inside in centuries!!!! I hope Katie is feeling better :)
Love to all,

Hi Mark, Matthew, Katie, and Jenny;

I enjoyed reading your diary of the trip so far. Loved the pictures. Glad everyone is feeling better. I'm sorry I didn't get to IM you on MOnday Mark. I had to go pick Mary up. Reading about your trip makes me so excitied for mine! I wrote the pubs you talked about in case the girls decide to visit Oxford for a day trip when we are in London. I am sorry we couldn't mesh our schedules this year. Oh Well. Have a fantastic time in Cambridge this weekend.

Love; Sue

Hi Uncle Mark, Matt, Katie, and Jenny;

Had a couple of laughs while reading the journal. Sounds like you guys are having fun. Hope Katie is feeling better and I hope the trip continues to be... adventurous. Ill be missing you guys this week. Be safe and enjoy the rest of the trip! =)

          • Blake

Hi Mark,Matt,Katie and Jenny

Sounds like you are having a great time.I sent you some comments a couple of days ago, but didn't hit add to this page (dumb) Blake showed me how to do it.Glad to hear that your credid card company is going to pay for a new camera. Look forward to reading your blog everyday.Take care and have a good time. Love, Grandma

Folks. Delightful. The "I miss you mommy" movie clip was lovely to hear! Now replace the mommy with papa and you know what I'd like to hear from our kids. Farrokh

Hi Mark,Matt,Katie and Jenny,
Glad you are having such a great time and getting to see so many exciting places.Glad you let your Dad get some rest, sounds like he sure needed it.Am sure you are excited about Mom joining you in a few days. Blake really missed you guys last week and Grandma did too. Continue to have a good time, looking forward to seeing you in Sept. Love, Grandma Ericson

Hi everybody;

Sounds like you are having some amazing adventures. I am glad you are having a good time again in Oxford. I leave for France in a few hours and excited to start my own adventure. I'll check the blog when I can in Annecy. We will be in Nice for the weekend. Love; Aunt Sue

Hi Guzdial-Ericson travelers,

I enjoyed the blog immensely, although as a parent, I didn't think it was nice that I was laughing so hard about Mark dealing with all the bodily fluids. Oh, the guilt. It sounds like your kids are having great adventures that they'll talk about forever. Keep up the fun blog!
  • Mary McFarlane

Hi Barb,

I'll miss you at the GIFT dinner and banquet tonight and tomorrow, but, you'll probably be having more fun there! I'm having my vacatiion vicariously through your family! I'm glad your husband is doing this blog. My son looks forward to seeing the pictures everyday! I'll talk to you when you come back.

Have fun,

Hi Mark,Barb,Matt,Katie and Jenny,

Glad Barb made it over there safely and has taken over with the kids, sure that has been a big help to Mark.Sounds like everyone is still having a great time, even with the heat. We had a bad storm here Mon. and lost our power for 19 hrs.Have been down to Mike's, to Bad Axe to see Dad and are going back down to stay with Justin and Jim tomorrow to go to the shower Sunday—-a very busy week. Mike Jess and the boys are coming up Sunday-Sat. so will be busy next week too. Look forward to reading the blog everyday and seeing the pictures of everyone. Love, Mom

Hi Everyone,
I had a lot of reading to catch up on, sounds like everyone is enjoying the time over there. The lego land looks very fun! I love looking at your pictures. I just took my last exam and have to leave on Friday...I do not want to. I am very excited to go to Italy soon and back to Scotland and England. I love reading your blog and being able to relate to travel troubles and the heat!! It is around 95 degrees every day and I am hardly sleeping because my room is in an attic and the fan does not help. I hope you all enjoy your last week!

Hi Everyone,
We are having a heat wave, in the high 90's with the heat index of over 100. We were very hot golfing yesterday, but I did pretty good for me, which made it a little more bearable.Can't believe its cold there.Great news on your grant, you must be very excited.Sounds like your dinner was great, I'v been eating leftovers all week , had little bits of food left from Mike,Jess and boys being here last week. Your Dad is on a fishing trip with Rich, Dan and some of Kims family.I'm going to see Dad tomorrow and will spend the night with Jane and Ken to visit . Take care and have a safe trip home. Love, Mom

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