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Blogging: Oxford-June-July-2004

The earliest posting here is June 27, on the trip out and touring London, then continue on in June with our house at Worcester College, and our trip punting on the Thames. July includes our trips to Edinburgh, Blenheim Palace, Christ Church College, British Museum, Warwick Castle, High Table, and dinner at the Provost's. August has our trips to Stonehenge, Bath, and biking in the Costwolds.

Barb has her pictures and stories at

Back story: This is the 11th year of Georgia Tech's Study Abroad program at Oxford. 161 students are here this term (40 more than last year!), each taking two classes here. They had six weeks of travelling across Europe before they came to Worcester College (just off the Oxford canal). There are six faculty here teaching classes on Management, Aerospace Engineering, History, Literature, and Computer Science. We're only teaching GT students here, so we're guest faculty with guest students, but we still get the experience of teaching in one of the world's great Universities. I've brought my whole family with me, living in a house that usually holds 7-10 students.

In Reverse Chronological order

3 August 2004 Barb and kids go to London Zoo and London Eye
2 August 2004 Attending church in Oxford
1 August 2004 Touring Sheldonian, Trinity College, biking in Cotswalds, visiting Bath and Stonehenge
29 July 2004 Tour of Christ Church, and dinner with Provost
28 July 2004
26 July 2004 Paris
22 July 2004 High Table
21 July 2004 High Table
19 July 2004 Visiting Warwick Castle
17 July 2004 British Museum
16 July 2004 Oxford Natural History
14 July 2004 Punting
13 July 2004 Jenny discovers that there's no tooth fairy
12 July 2004 Touring Oxford and Harry Potter sites
11 July 2004
10 July 2004 Blenheim Palace
7 July 2004 Jenny the robot
6 July 2004
4 July 2004 Strathaven, Scotland
3 July 2004 Edinburgh
29 June 2004 Punting
28 June 2004 The Garden at Worcester
27 June 2004 London

Notes back to us? Leave them here!

Don't feel too bad about the weather... Ours has been rain and more rain here in the Detroit area. Today it is very hot and severe weather coming in again this afternoon and staying around until maybe Saturday. Thanks for sharing your pictures with us... Rich

It looks like you guys are having a great time over there - we're so jealous! And the pictures are terrific - keep them coming and we'll keep checking in. The choir misses you!! -Colly and Mark

Hooray for Jenny losing a tooth! What a fun event to get a pound instead of a boring ol' dollar. Isn't it funny to note how regular life continues, losing teeth and all, even when you're away from home. Seems that there's some magic in that even if not in the tooth fairy anymore. -kk

This has been the best summer in England ever– I'm so glad you blogged it so the rest of us could live vicariously! :-) andrea

Hello Barb & Mark - this is Jim White (from EDS at GM Research years ago). I came across your pages & just wanted to say Hi. My email address is xxx. We travel through Atlanta every Thanksgiving holiday on our way to Florida (we take our daughter to visit her grandparents there every year), and I always think of you guys when we get to Atlanta. It looks like you all are doing well and the kids lok great. Take care. JJW

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