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25 June 2006

The girls went to bed by 8:30 pm last night, and Matt by 9:30, and me by 10. At 4, Katie was up with a pretty high fever. I gave her some ibuprofen and got her back to bed. I woke up around 9. I woke the kids up at noon! Richard arrived while they were getting dressed.

They had cereal and got themselves cleaned up while I did some more shopping (in particular, for a thermometer and cold medicine). Then we wandered out together to explore and have lunch of pizza baguettes and chicken tikka panini.


We had fun wandering around.
  • Coolest, geekiest thing we saw: A parking policeman preparing a ticket by taking a picture of the front of the car, then the license plate, then the sign nearby showing the infraction, and finally printing the ticket – presumably, with all three pictures saying "Here's your car, with your plates. This is the sign you parked by, see?"
  • We saw some wacky English football gear (like a white wig with red stripes representing a St. George's cross.) When I suggested that the girls wear them tonight, they replied with Katie's look that said, "Is it your JOB to embarass me?!?"
  • Matt decided that he follows "Occam's Shaving Implement": Whatever the most unlikely explanation is, that will be the one Matthew picks.

Katie seemed to be doing much better this afternoon – no fever, just a lot of sniffles. I'm hoping that it's just a cold. The local pharmacy wouldn't sell us benadryl for an 11 year old, which I was surprised at! They did sell us something like Vick's which seems to be helping and sore throat lozenges which are definitely seem helping.

We came back and had dinner with the students where, again, Jenny's "Power of the Cute" came back in force. When we were here two years ago, Matt and Katie would get things (like grape jelly or an extra box of Frosties at breakfast) by having Jenny ask for them. The wait staff seemingly could refuse Jenny nothing. Tonight, we had a wonderful trifle (dessert) of a strawberry and custard pie/cake slice. Jenny made a face as it arrived, and Marion, the head of the dining hall asked, "Would you like a bowl of strawberries instead?" Jenny said, "Yes, please" and voila, a bowl appeared. "Would you like cream on that?" Jenny said, "No, thank you." Then Marion asked me, "We're having lasagna tomorrow. Will the girls like that?" When I said that they love lasagna, she replied, "That's fine then." Meanwhile, the students we were sitting near were asking Jenny, "Can you show us how to be adorable?" and "Could you hide that bowl, ask for another, then give it to me?"

After dinner, the girls were pleased to see that there were baby coots in the Worcester Lake. We played soccer for awhile, but everyone was too tired and kept getting hurt. We ended the evening watching "Pirates of the Carribean."

Katie and Jenny, smelling flowers in our garden

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