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30 June 2006

Katie asked to sleep longer, so the rest of us went up to breakfast without her. Carolyn Weirson heard my story about the camera and said, "Don't some credit cards offer some kind of protection for the first 90 days after purchase?" I checked it as soon as we got back, and YES! I bought the camera and memory card on May 11 on my American Express, and yes, they do offer 90 day buyer protection! I called them on their 800 number (via Skype) and they're sending the forms to Barb.

We finally got everyone out the door around 10. We had to stop and get some anti-itch cream – Katie had bumped against some kind of stinging nettle while we were punting, and her arm had raised bumps on it. She said that the lotion helped a lot.

We took Allison to Christ Church, as the finest College to visit at Oxford (besides Worcester, of course).


We made lunch back at the house: Chicken tikka massala with rice, salad, and naan. Then we started out for our real adventure of the day.

When I was here last time, a class was taught on "Beef and Britain," an analysis of the relationship between England and its cows. I was told that Worcester was a great place to teach such a course because it was close to a piece of land that had been a common grazing land for centuries. I never saw it when I was here two years ago. Today, we walked across it.

It's the Port Meadow, and it really is about a 20 minute walk from Worcester (up the canal, which is pretty, or up the street). It was listed in the Domesday Book as a common grazing area, and it's still (!) used as that today–well over 900 years. We saw a whole herd of cows (less than a mile from College), horses (including a foal), ducks, and swans, and even people swimming in the Thames.


That's a foal behind Jenny

Baby swans, a whole herd of cows in the background, and two people swimming!

We stopped at the Perch (a thatched roof pub) along the way, and played on the playground for a bit.



It was a long walk up to the Trout (about 3-4 miles, almost two hours of walking for us). We passed the ruins of a nunnery that was destroyed in the British civil war, and passed a really cool lock. The Trout is at the far end of Port Meadow with a lovely waterfall next to it. We had dinner there.


The Lock


We took the bus back down to Oxford and packed for our adventure in Cambridge. Long day.

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