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4 July 2006

Happy Independence Day, everyone! It was a quietish day here. Reviews for the conference that I co-organize were due last night, so I needed some time to process those. So I gave the kids a big challenge today so that I'd get some time to work at home.

"Take a picture of:

  • A ballerina with the head of a fly.

  • A shrunken head.

  • A witch in a bottle.

  • The largest beetle you've ever seen.

  • A Eustreptospodylus skeleton."

They met the challenge, so we went to a cool ice cream place where I'm supposed to meet Eric Roberts (from Stanford) on Thursday. It's a lot like an American Ben and Jerry's.

At 5:15 was Carole Moore's wine-and-cheese party, which was really fun. We met Sri's son who's about Matthew's age, and we met Olivia (3) and Rosalind (19 months) whose parents are both faculty at Tech. We stayed for about an hour until Jenny got too bored. We came home and made chicken tikka massala, which the girls gobbled (and Matt ate quite a bit of, though he said that he was already full from the party appetizers).

We played a good bit of soccer this evening–Matt vs. the rest of us (he won 6-4). Jenny kept getting hurt. We used the real soccer field (everyone was already in to watch the World Cup semi-final) and the goal fell on her when she was keeper. Then Matt threw the ball in and hit her in the shoulder. Then she ran for the ball and tried to tap it on top, but slid off the side, twisting her ankle and doing the splits. We decided to call a halt then.

We stopped by the Pub to see the huge crowd of students to watch the game and stay for the 10-1am disco (for Independence Day). All the female students oohed and aahed over the girls, but it was too crowded and we just headed home for bed. They wanted to get to bed early for Wednesday Market tomorrow, but well, we did better than on past nights :-) I'm still working on ICER reviews, notes for class for the next two days, and then my IRB :-(.

Matt sent me this cute picture from last week's flower challenge that I'm including here.


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